Boston Software Disputes Lawyer

Systems, Applications and Products (SAP) software can be the most important asset a small technology company owns. When facing the possibility of losing access to critical SAP or upgrade, the financial result can be devastating.

If you are the owner or operator of a business in eastern Massachusetts and have become involved in a dispute or litigation over software installation or upgrade, talk to an attorney on the small-business technology litigation team at Jantzen and Associates, P.C.

From offices in the heart of the financial district in downtown Boston, our lawyers provide legal counsel for clients in communities throughout eastern Massachusetts. Call us at 617-457-1919 or contact our offices by email to arrange an initial no-cost consultation with one of our experienced Boston software disputes attorneys today.

We have years of experience protecting the rights of plaintiffs and defendants involved in disputes and litigation involving complex technological issues. We understand the language of SAP software and aggressively work to protect our clients' rights and financial interests.

We work to resolve disputes through skillful negotiations, whenever possible. However, we also know that coming to the table with our case prepared to win in court is often the most important factor in reaching a fair resolution. We are recognized by legal professionals throughout eastern Massachusetts for our in-depth preparation and knowledge of the issues — before we sit down to begin negotiating a fair outcome.

We have experience in software technology dispute litigation cases involving:

  • Software installations and customization
  • Independent programmer contract disputes
  • Collections actions for payment due
  • Disputes related to vendors and employment contracts
  • Partnership and investor disputes, minority shareholder suppression
  • Licensing disputes (no patents or trademark litigation)
  • SAP installation disputes

We Speak The Language Of Software And SAP Technology

We do not let programming jargon or SAP terminology prevent us from accepting a litigation case. We have previously litigated multimillion-dollar SAP cases in Federal Court, so we know the language.

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